• Verzelloni – Sofa Holden

    Verzelloni – Sofa Holden

    Sofa Holden von Verzelloni, B 251/124 cm, Gesamt 375 cm, T 103/158 cm, H 75 cm, in Stoff ab 6.877,–…

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  • Verzelloni – Zoe

    Verzelloni – Zoe

          Zoe distinguishes itself for its comfort and its casual design. The collection includes: Large Armchair, Small Armchair,…

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  • Verzelloni – Holden

    Verzelloni – Holden

          Reassuring shape, generous sizes, endless composition possibilities thanks to the wide number of elements available, Holden meets…

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  • Verzelloni – Itaca

    Verzelloni – Itaca

          Informal settee with a simple, elegant design, it can be used as a regular settee or as…

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  • Verzelloni – Sillon

    Verzelloni – Sillon

          Sillon Swivel armchair available with high backrest, with headrest adjustable in different heights, or with low backrest.…

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  • Verzelloni – Toribio

    Verzelloni – Toribio

          A chair suitable for conversation, it lends itself to both domestic use and in public rooms. Comfortable,…

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